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25 February 2024

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The lake of Idro provides the opportunity to enjoy sports in direct contact with nature, measuring yourself against the environment for enjoyment and healthy exercise. Thanks to the constant presence of the Ander, the wind that blows from south to north in the afternoon, Lago d’Idro is plied length and width by wind-surfers andsailing boats, while the northern part of the lake at Ponte Caffaro, where the wind is strongest, is dedicated to kite surfing fans. In the morning there is never a breath of wind, which is ideal for canoeing and various sports clubs come to Lago d’Idro every year to train.

There is no shortage of rock faces for free climbing, not only around the lake of Idro, but also at other nearby locations along the valley. Particularly attractive is the “Corna di Fenere”, a crag facing onto the lake, just 5 minutes on foot from the gorgeous Vesta beach. The crag starts a few metres above the level of the lake with a fantastic panorama and multi-coloured limestone rock. It is excellently equipped with resin fixed ring bolts, all the routes are marked and there is an access cable along the base. For road and off-road cyclists there are circuits of all durations and difficulty, with the option of ascending the mountains surrounding the lake, through passes and along mountain roads with very little traffic. There are also two paragliding launch pads, and numerous fans of this extreme sport visit Lago d’Idro each year. You can launch from Monte Alpo (1508 m) above Baitoni and from Monte Stino (1466 m) above Capovalle, both easily reached by car or with a mini bus service.

Another very spectacular activity in the immediate vicinity of Lago d’Idro is canyoning at Storo (7 km from Lago d’Idro) along the river Palvico, which offers an outstanding descent in a very aquatic environment and an exciting sequence of plunge pools (up to 8 metres), toboggans, free hanging abseils, and tranquil crystalline pools for swimming. The first section of the canyon provides a series of plunges and toboggans down to a small hydroelectric station, which offers an escape point before the fantastic finale. The second section provides a short but intense sequence starting with a first abseil of 15 metres, a second abseil of about 20 metres and two plunges before a thrilling final abseil of over 50 metres. An unforgettable environment and intense emotions, for canyoning experts or in the company of the authorized local guides who will provide all the necessary equipment. Finally, but no less attractive, is horse riding , with a variety of outings suitable for horse riding with specialized guides, through the mountains to the south and east of lake of Idro traversing Val Vestino over to the top of lake of Garda. These very rewarding routes follow paths through forests and flowering meadows with rest stops at farm guest houses equipped to cater for both horses and riders.

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