Mountain Walking

Mountain is not only hard work. In few minutes by car you can approach to altitudes of 1500 meters and have a day into the country with your children, without needing aid of boots or mountain backpacks and without binding gradients. You stay next to restaurants and inns where you can have a lunch after a wonderful day in the mountain with people you love. Some walking:

Bagolino – Gaver. 0,20/0,40 h by car. Bagolino is a typical mountain village with medieval origins, very famous because of its traditions (as carnival and cheese “Bagoss”). Few kilometres away there’s Gaver (altitude 1500m): it’s an alpine resort, suitable for walking, trekking and equestrian excursions, ideal for day trips into the country with children. Recommended refreshment place: “Locanda Gaver” (Gaver Inn) with game’s specialities.

Treviso Bresciano – Passo Fobbia. 0,10/0,20 by car. Treviso Bresciano is well known for its cuisine “spiedo e polenta” (spit and “polenta”) and for its many trattorias with family direction. It’s recommended a visit to Passo Fobbia (altitude 1200 m), where you can start easy trips for the whole family, seeing wonderful panoramic views over Idro and Garda’s lakes. Recommended refreshment place: “Locanda Perlonc” (Perlon Inn), those specialities are grilled meat and spit.

Capovalle – Monte Stino. 0.30 h by car. Typical mountain village where you can walk in1 h (or by car 10 minutes) to Monte Stino and enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Idro and visit the museum of war relics from the Second World War. It recommended stopping point: Rifugio Monte Stino with traditional cuisine.

Val Vestino – Cima Rest. 0,20/0,40 h by car. It’s a wonderful valley, into the Natural Park of Alto Garda, where you can find many typical small villages. Homonymous lake, surrounded by green forests, is very fascinating. Hungarian haylofts of Cima Rest (altitude 1200m) have a great historical and tourist importance and you can start easy trips for the whole family.

Passo Baremone – Forte di Cima Ora. 0,30 h by car. Passo Baremone (altitude 1450 m) is into an alpine environment of rare beauty, where there are many beeches and rough grazing. Through a muletrack, one can reach Cima Ora’s fort, which dates back at First World War, and from which one can enjoy a great panoramic view over the lake of Idro. Recommended refreshment place: “Rifugio Rosa” (Rosa’s Refuge) which offers game’s specialities and polenta “tiragna”.

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